Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snazaroo Step-by-Steps

Remember when I mentioned that I'd face painted for Snazaroo?  I've noticed that the step-by-steps are up on the site!  So now I can post some (but not all, so keep checking!) of the photos from that day.

First, I was asked to do two sport-related cheek art step-by-steps.

The soccer ball step-by-step is here.

And the #1 Fan step-by-step is here.

And then I was asked to paint this flower mask (pursuant to the Snazaroo step-by-step instructions already in place) on a fellow artist.

The flower mask step-by-step is here.

And I got painted too!  This sugar skull step-by-step, painted on me by another artist, is here.

So much more happened that day... I can't wait to be able to show you!

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