Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5th Birthday

On Saturday, I painted at a great birthday party in New City, NY.  The family had rented a Sabrett truck, gotten Optimus Prime to show up, had a bounce house, and me!  It was really fun and the kids were great... and I was happy they were willing to get painted even though they were swimming in the family's backyard pool.

I had a pretty varied bunch at the party, with lots of different requests and very few doubles, always a plus for me.

Of course there was the requisite butterfly, but only one!

Only one cat too!

This little devil was really happy with her face.

The flaming football and Jack Sparrow facial hair did inspire a couple of duplicates, but it was too fun, so who cares?  How cute is that kid in a beard & moustache?!

It's not face painting 'til there are hearts involved... even if those hearts wind up on arms.  That top "tattoo" contains the model's wife's initials, and I'm always happy when a kiddo lets me match her outfit.

Where there are hearts, unicorns are never far behind.

This smiling ladybug got a great reaction from the guests, and from the bug herself when she saw the mirror.

Sometimes it's all about the simple classics.

And sometimes things are a bit more involved!

These three were going to Dave & Busters after the party to watch the Rangers game.  I only wish they'd been going to the actual game so I could look for them on the monitors!

And a Transformers fan to the end, the birthay boy, last but definitely not least, was Optimus Prime.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Great One

The Tribeca Film Festival this year was a rousing success, no surprise.  I painted for 8 hours straight, with the assistance of a few line managers, including Eric.  Someday I need to buy a counter so I can see how many faces I've painted.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the photos he took for me.


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