Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Puppies & Painting

If you're from the area, you may have seen Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming in Allendale, NJ.  In September, they celebrated their one year anniversary at that location, and I celebrated with them!  It's a great place with really nice owners Ed & Linda, pleasant and welcoming staff, homemade dog treats (which Meg adores), non-homemade cat treats, pet toys, and grooming.  And if the photos on their Facebook page are any indication, they're really good groomers too.

For the occasion, I adorned myself with one of my freehand glitter tattoos.

It was so well liked, I did one on one of the customers too!

Mostly, though, I was face painting the bakery's patrons.

It really was just such an easygoing, relaxing event, and the bakery's patrons are phenomenal.  Honestly?  I love it there!  And I got Meg 3 bags of treats, which I'll be returning to replenish once she's eaten 'em up.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Whole Lotta Paintin' Goin' On

I only had two gigs this weekend, but I think I may have painted enough faces in 4 and a half hours to rival the Tribeca Film Festival painting days!

On Saturday afternoon, I made my second annual appearance at the Glen Rock Newcomer's Association's kickoff party.  I was there for two hours, flying like the wind, but man, did I have fun.  I worked from a limited list of my fastest faces to keep things moving quickly and was assigned a couple of teens as line managers who did a phenomenal job making sure the kiddos had their choices made before hitting my chair.

I obviously didn't have time for photos, but did ask one of the girls to take two photos of faces I especially liked.  This was a slightly different take on my typical dragon and I thought it was cute.

Even more fun was my new "Zombie bite" face, inspired by Pashur, a master body artist out of Las Vegas.  It may just be my new favorite face.

How creepy is she?!  Those eyes!  Gotta say, I wouldn't want to meet up with that face in the middle of the forest.  Or city, for that matter.

That face was such a hit on Saturday, that I brought it out again on Sunday, when I painted for the very first time for the Heat & Sole Walk to benefit heart failure and transplant patients.  What an amazing group!

The funniest thing to me, and I regret not getting a photo of him, was an older boy who saw my zombie bite and just had to have one.  While I was painting him, he told me, "You painted my sister at a party at Bounce U a few weeks ago!" and showed me a photo on his phone of a pink kitty that was easily recognizable as one of mine.  Turns out this young man was at that birthday party, which was for a five-year-old girl and her friends, and was too old for face painting.... until he saw the cooler options he had this time around!  Ha!  I call that vindication, my friends.

This face also inspired an adult woman to have me "do something creepy" on her arm, and was happy with what I came up with.

To be honest, so was I.  Fun, right?  In case you can't tell, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I had a lot of my regular fare too, including one boy who was really excited when I told him, in listing several options and ideas, "When I say I can do a bear, I mean panda, polar, or brown bear," and exclaimed happily, "Brown bear!"  So a brown bear he was.

Now I just hope they have me back next year!


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