Sunday, September 21, 2014

3rd Birthday

For better or for worse, I couldn't stay at the town fair until the very end yesterday, as I had to get to a birthday party in Waldwick as well.  The birthday girl was VERY wary of face painting and tattoos, but after seeing several of her family members and friends get painted, finally agreed to a pink heart on her cheek.

I can work with that.  Unfortunately, when it came to her tattoo (she picked a T-Rex stencil), removing the top sticky layer felt too much like a band-aid, so I couldn't actually finish it.  I felt terrible.

I was consoled a bit by her older cousin who let me play with a couple different styles of custom tattoos, one on each arm.

And the rest of her guests were very happy with their face painting and tattoos!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Franklin Lakes Town Fair

I had a great experience today; I got to face paint at the town fair of my own town!  I'm a commissioner with the Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission, so I offered to face paint at the commission's booth while the other commissioners talked to people about recycling and ran a contest to give away and/or sell recycling bins.

It was a blast!  Eric stopped by with our puppy, Jack, who was completely overwhelmed by his first fair.  I got to have some Empanada Lady empanadas for lunch and two mini cupcakes from Kara Kakes for dessert.

Most of the time, though, I was painting the adorable kids of Franklin Lakes.  Check it out!


They were so fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Rest of the Snazaroo Day

I got permission!  I promised photos, and photos you shall have!

First, we were asked to paint princesses to be photographed at a princess party.  This was my pretty model.  It was really cute.  They all had tiaras and dresses, plus magic wands.

Next were the pirates at the pirate party, who were given sword bubble wands to play with for the photo shoot.  I want a sword bubble wand!

For the Halloween trick-or-treating shoot, I got to have some fun creating a monster.

And then I had a little down time in between painting, so I took some requests from the model kiddos and created a zombie, plus did a quick arm butterfly.

For the July 4th picnic shoot, I got to paint two models, a sister and brother.  How cute!

I was especially happy when I was asked to do a tribal, as I'd just taken a class with Jay Bautista, who's known for 'em!

And last, but definitely not least, an Easter chick, a design I've never attempted before that I made up on the fly while there!

Now I just need an Easter gig come spring...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Snazaroo Step-by-Steps

Remember when I mentioned that I'd face painted for Snazaroo?  I've noticed that the step-by-steps are up on the site!  So now I can post some (but not all, so keep checking!) of the photos from that day.

First, I was asked to do two sport-related cheek art step-by-steps.

The soccer ball step-by-step is here.

And the #1 Fan step-by-step is here.

And then I was asked to paint this flower mask (pursuant to the Snazaroo step-by-step instructions already in place) on a fellow artist.

The flower mask step-by-step is here.

And I got painted too!  This sugar skull step-by-step, painted on me by another artist, is here.

So much more happened that day... I can't wait to be able to show you!


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