Saturday, July 13, 2013

Communion Season

Did you notice that May seems to be communion season?  I painted and did tattoos at a lot of communions this year, it was pretty fun!  Kids that age are great.  At one particular one held at the Indian Trails Club in Franklin Lakes, I was hired for solely temporary tattoos.  I did a ton!

This one young girl who was so shy she refused to talk to me came back for SIX tattoos.  We were able to communicate without her saying a word.  Thankfully, it wasn't a rushed event, and we had the time.  My favorite of the designs she got was this coexist.  How cool is that?

She wanted neon rainbow, which I think turned out great.

Some of the boys decided to challenge me, and I got to pull out my inks and brushes too.  I was out of NY Yankee stencils, but was able to do 'em anyway. 

I'm only annoyed I didn't get photos of the New Orleans Saints freehand tats I did.

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