Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Working My Way Backwards

I've been so lax about posting what I've been doing!  So rather than start at the beginning, I'm going to start with this past Saturday and work my way backwards for a bit.  This past Saturday, I painted at a corporate picnic for Brown & Caldwell.

What a great group!  I know I say that a lot, but this bunch was really fun.  And they didn't even make fun of me - much - when a gigantic cicada landed on my leg and freaked me out, sending me dancing around like a rather shrill lunatic.

So... on to the painting.

My very first request was for a zebra.  I wish I'd known it at the time, but this girl actually had a zebra print dress, complete with tail, and a headband with zebra ears!  It was terrific!  My lament is that by the time I saw her and realized, I was painting others and really couldn't go tackle her for another photo since she was off and running.

Then, another very specific request.  This one wanted to look like her yorkie.  Who can resist that?

This great kiddo said "cow."  Okie doke!  So here you see what I believe is my first ever cow face painting.  His mom cracked up when I started painting the straw.  To do it, I googled cow images and came up with this guy.

I think it's a fair rendition, right?

It was hot out, so the arm art was understandable.

If you don't recognize that last guy, it's an Enderman from Minecraft.  You may remember the Creeper I once painted.  I'm starting to think I should get to know all the Minecraft characters; it is not an unpopular game!

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