Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Years in a Row

I've been AWOL because a storm ten days ago sent a surge through our house. Luckily, my adapter sacrificed itself to save my laptop's life, so the whole machine wasn't fried. It has, though, made me realize I really, really need to back up my files. Really.

Ever since, though, I've been waiting for a new adapter from Dell. It came at 7 p.m. tonight, much to my delight. And so I can finally tell you about last weekend.

On Saturday, I painted at the church fair I mentioned in my last post. It was very nice, and the people there really were wonderful. I met some interesting characters, like a really sweet vendor, Francesca, who is a nurse and massage therapist, and for fairs makes knitted scarves and hats, as well as gazing balls, and chimes. Oh, and she also reads tarot. I'm not quite sure what she doesn't do!

There was also an airbrush artist, from whom I plan to commission company shirts. I can't wait!

But the fair was very, very small. It was, to be honest, the kind of venue I took on years ago when I first started painting. I took it this time to help out a friend, a fellow painter who took the space and then realized it was scheduled at the same time as a seminar she was attending.

Business was slow. A woman selling her handmaid jewelry across from me took pity and got a glitter tattoo on her ankle, then rolled up her jeans to advertise it. Other vendors sent their kids over, sometimes more than once. So I did get to do some work.

This girl, a kid after my own heart and not very girly, got this Halloween-appropriate face painting

and then came back for this glitter tattoo...

Her friend was also into pirates, and got this cheek art...

Then there was a very wriggly little boy, who was a complete sweetheart. He couldn't decide between a dolphin that was one of my examples and a portrait of his dog, a Maltese. So I did one on each of his very mobile little hands...

and he was ecstatic, running around showing everyone.

On Sunday, I did painting and temporary tattoos at a 9th birthday party. This is my third year doing this young lady's birthday party! She's an awesome kid, and always has a great party with lots of family and friends, lots of activities planned, me, a bounce house, and a DJ. Come to think of it, I recognized the DJ from last year too. It's great to see a family with such vendor loyalty!

I seriously feel like I should email my contact and ask if I should pencil them in for next year already. I love it when I hear from her each year.

The theme this year was "Rock Star," and so the birthday girl got a pretty eye mask.

Several of her friends went with a Halloweenish face...

And of course I had one request for a KISS-like star...

All in all, a fun weekend.

Now this weekend, I'm painting on Saturday at the George G. White Middle School Craft Show, in Hillsdale, NJ. I'll be there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., so be sure to come visit!

And on Sunday, I'm painting at a birthday party. I was contacted fairly last minute because the clown they'd hired bailed on them. So I'm dressing as Hermione Granger and stepping in as face painter extraordinaire.

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