Monday, September 7, 2009

Temp Tats for Labor Day

Unfortunately, there aren't any photos in this post.

What?! you exclaim. A body art blog post with no photos?!

Yeah, sorry about that. Thing is, we were busy. I mean busy with a capital BUSY. For six hours. No joke.

A fellow body artist, Emilie, who is consistently hired by a local Bergen County country club, asked me and my husband Eric to join her in doing temporary tattoos at the country club's Labor Day party. There were approximately 500 guests, with Emilie and Eric on airbrush, and me on dauber ink tattoos.

Dauber tattoos are done with similar ink to airbrush tattoos, but it's in more of a paste consistency, rather than liquid. The setup is much quicker, the execution about the same. Both types are cared for the same way (don't scrub or use oils or alcohol), and both can last for several days.

The line at the party was consistent, with adults getting tattoos also, and kids getting back on line for a second, third, even fifth tattoo.

It was fun and the kids were pretty great. The nearby reggae band was terrific, and the employees brought us food, which we barely had time to scarf down. So no pictures. But a great experience!

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