Saturday, September 5, 2009

A First Birthday

I painted at the first birthday party of an adorable young man this afternoon, and in the process, got to be his first face painter! I always love being first. He wasn't crazy about the feel of the brushes, so I did the quickest (and probably messiest) pirate I've ever done in my life. He did seem happy with the result when he looked in the mirror, at least.

And yes, that's dad as Gene Simmons. In fact, I got to paint the whole band!

I've done Gene Simmons before, and Peter Criss (the cat), but I'd never done Paul Stanley and Ace Freeley. They were a fun bunch, each egging the other into getting painted.

It was a day of firsts. I also did my first Sponge Bob, and I think he came out pretty darned good.

And this cutie wanted to be a monster, but was wearing the sweetest pink and yellow dress with flowers and bees on it. I love to match outfits anyway, so she approved my suggestion that I paint her as a monster to match her outfit. This is what we came up with...

How can you not love it?

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