Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Party Service!

Canvas painting!  Traveling canvas painting, in fact.  I'll come to your location with everything needed and have a painting class for anyone ages 5 and up!

The difference between my classes and other canvas painting classes?  I use techniques geared toward actually teaching children (and adults) how to draw the subject based on simple shapes, as well as some color theory, giving the budding artists not only the one completed painting (what a party favor!), but also some skills to take home with them and use in the future as well.

For example, check out the shapes used to draw this honeybee, the request of a very creative 12-year-old girly-girl whose favorite color is blue.

Also, I cater each painting subject to the party honoree's preferences, rather than just working from a limited collection of choices, so each party is completely different!  Nothing is out of the realm of possibility!  You tell me a favorite animal, place, or activity, and I'll design the painting just for your party.

On top of all that, because I really do love to teach, children at canvas painting parties can expect to have fun leaning some facts about the subject matter of the painting as well!  Want to know about the differences between African and Asian elephants?  Invite me to your next party!

I think they're pretty darned cute, too!

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