Monday, June 1, 2015

First Birthday

Last Saturday, I face painted and did glitter tattoos at a really fun first birthday for an adorable little girl.  She didn't get painted, but her family and friends sure did!

Oddly, I think this may have been my first ever Wonder Woman!  She insisted on the wristbands, which I loved doing.  She was such the superhero once she was done, calling for the little Spiderman I also painted, so they could save people together.

The Colombian flag was a hot ticket at this party - I'll never forget what it looks like! - as were flames and soccer balls.  Fun!

Yin yangs were popular too, most of which I painted.  But one boy was upset to see I didn't have a yin yang stencil for a glitter tattoo... so of course I did it freehand!

Another fun one was this My Little Pony, "Midnight Sparkle."  According to onlookers, she looked "just like" the pony, which made me happy!

And last, but definitely not least, was this "do whatever you want, I don't know" request.  I was happy to note that I had the exact aqua that matched her dress, which she loved.

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