Monday, June 28, 2010

Road Trip

This past Sunday I was hired to do face painting and temporary tattoos at an adult party at which kids would be in attendance.  I was actually referred by a Maryland face painter who'd painted at the hostess' niece's (follow along with me here) party while the hostess was visiting.  It sounds more convoluted than it is.

At any rate, I'm grateful to my Maryland colleague for the referral.

The party on Sunday was in Long Branch, NJ, over an hour from where I live, and part of the Jersey shore, but they were adamant that they needed me there.  And what a party it was!  I got to try a taste of the phenomenal catering, as the hostess insisted that I eat.  I made sure to try some of the multitude of gorgeous pastries and chocolates.

It was hot on Sunday, incredibly hot for an outdoor party, but I found a spot under some trees and not far from the really great Israeli band that reminded me of my dad's music from my childhood, and made due with the shade.

The kids were really great, and gave me a chance to do faces I love to make up for the school carnival of cheek art.

We had the requisite butterflies... but what cute butterflies!

And a puppy!

A monkey!  Monkeys have always been tough for me, but I think I'm kind of getting the swing of them.  The partiers approved, at least.

I haven't painted, of course, 'til I've done a tiger or two, and this brother and sister due accommodated.  When the girl got into my chair right after her brother, she was all about "pink and purple," and when I told her I could do a pink & purple tiger, she immediately jumped on the idea.

This young lady's mom instructed her to stay away from face painting, so we did her arms.  Her favorite color is blue, same as mine!

They chose some great glitter tattoos, too.

And this young man wanted a mica powder tattoo, that looked great... but got even better when he suggested I use the silver glitter in the blank area!  We both agreed that it was a very cool tattoo.

All in all, the heat and distance were really worth it; the party was great!

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  1. I love the puppy! Too cute! And I also agree, the silver in the center of the tattoo makes it pop. Awesome!



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