Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Banker Asked Why I Was Wearing a Lei

Yeah, I walked into the bank to make a deposit this afternoon, wearing a plastic green flowered Hawaiian lei like this one.  I had to laugh; I'd forgotten about it!  It was given to me by a boy whose face I painted at a birthday party in his kindergarten class.  He was one of the birthday girl's classmates. 

The birthday girl herself was the puppy I painted at this party.  Her younger sister, my butterfly at that party in March was also in attendance.  This time, my birthday girl was a princess, while her little sister went for "butterfly" again.

I didn't take photos, but I had a blast with the class.  Most of the boys wanted fire-breathing dragons, though I did have one Spiderman, one Batman, and one boy who went from not wanting to be painted at all to getting a full-face tiger!

The lei came from a magician/balloon twister/comedian who came to entertain the class while I was painting, and I certainly couldn't resist a gift from a cute boy, especially one who was just five!

Tomorrow afternoon, I've got another daytime party; I've been hired by Tribeca Cinemas to paint at a going-away party at their venue.  I can't wait!

Off to clean my kit...

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