Saturday, November 15, 2014

One of the Ways Acrylic Paints *Should* Be Used.

Which obviously means this isn't about face painting, since you should never allow face painting with acrylic paints.

When the canvas is an inanimate stretched canvas canvas, on the other hand, well, that's another matter entirely.  I was with face painters, though.  On Wednesday night, we took a "class trip" to Brushes & Bisque in Denville for a "Canvas & Cocktails" party.

It was a blast!

I've got a background in fine art, so I'd never done one of these classes before, but it was so much fun, even if the supplies you're given are really limited to what you need specifically for the painting they're teaching that night.

The teacher was very nice, but I don't think she knew what to do with a room full of raucous face painters.  She was good, though, kept her cool and kept us on track.  More or less...

I refused to stay in the box.

You can get an idea from the group photo what we were supposed to paint.

And if you notice, there I am smack in the middle, and my canvas doesn't look quite like the others.  Yeah... I'm kinda the type who doesn't like to stay in the box.

And is also a fan of Salvador Dali.  I did have to touch it up at home, since I wasn't given any paints that could make orange and I'm better with my own brushes.  Eric likes it.  Whatcha think?

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