Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Graduation Party

On Sunday, I had the good fortune to face paint and do temporary tattoos for an amazing and HUGE family in Orange, NJ.  They had two high school grads they were honoring, and everyone came out to celebrate.  The women who hired me actually met me at the Valerie Fund Walk, which they do every year as walkers/fundraisers, so you know they've got good hearts.

And creative kids.

How cute is this little teddy bear?!  I gave her a button nose and a stitched face in her favorite color, pink, of course.

I had a couple zombies... kids after my own heart!  I didn't get a photo of her, but one was a little three-year-old girl who LOVED how scary she looked!

This young man and his buddies were absolutely hysterical after I tattooed some kisses on their necks.  He couldn't stop laughing!

Her favorite was "all the colors," so how could I not do a rainbow butterfly?

And this is the happiest I've been with one of my lions in a long time.  It's a work in progress, but I like this one.  Maybe it's the canvas that makes it.

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