Monday, June 16, 2014

Valerie Fund Walk 2014

For many  years now, a team of my friends and I have painted faces at the Valerie Fund Walk/Race in Verona, NJ.  It's always a great event, highly attended by good-natured people looking to do a good thing.  What's not to love?

It's huge, with lots of attendees, and lots getting painted.  So I only took the time to take a few photos.

Finally!  A monkey I'm happy with!  Monkeys have been kind of the bane of my face painting existence, but I think I've finally hit it.  This particular monkey wanted a banana.  Her mom would have preferred that she get flowers instead of the monkey, so we compromised with a monkey with flowers in her hair.  Everyone was happy!

This kitty had asked for "just a little face paint, like a nose and whiskers," which you know I just can't do.  So this was my compromise for a minimalist kitty, and she was ecstatic.

This decisive young lady started off by asking for a dog, and then when I suggested hound or dalmation, asked for a poodle, specifically a pink poodle.  I love it!

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