Sunday, May 18, 2014

Franklin Lakes Cleanup/Beautification Day with the Environmental Commission

A while back, I became a commissioner on my town's Environmental Commission.  It's a great group, with a great mission and a bunch of great people.  They've been doing the cleanup day for a few years now, but this time we added "beautification" to the itinerary.  Our home base was the nature preserve in town.

As a brand new beekeeper, I want to encourage the planting of flowers whenever and wherever possible, so the participants also planted tulips and wildflower seeds.  Hence "beautification."  We handed out gloves, bags, and trash pickup equipment for people to use around the preserve and out on various streets around town.  Plus, we had a display teaching about xeriscape landscaping, which is the planting of flowers and plants that require very little water to flourish.

Of course, I offered my services as a face painter to draw families to the event, and had a great time painting the attendees, young and younger.

I was especially impressed with these three teens who showed up of their own volition without parents.  They run on the trails in the preserve and are just dedicated to keeping it nice.  Says some good things about the teen population!

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