Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Since I'm on a Tattoo Kick

I may as well tell you about another party I worked this weekend, a "birthday party" for the Irish Cottage Inn, in Franklin, NJ.  I didn't eat or drink there (yet, since I plan to go back with Eric & try it out), but it looked like a great place.  Once we do actually try it, I'll have to report back.  It's up in Sussex County, out in the country, and was a nice drive.

The people that run the Inn and work there were incredibly nice, laid back, and fun.  And the kids were great about picking all different things!  I think I only had two butterflies, and other than that and these zombies, everyone was different.

That scary one getting into character is the two-year-old brother of the other!  So wanting a similar face makes sense; when we were kids, my little sister wanted to be like me too.  How cute are they?!

But I started this talking tattoos.  I was face painting and tattooing at the party.  What's more fitting at the birthday party of an Irish pub than a Celtic shamrock tattoo?

And what's more fitting than a lizard?

Um.. maybe not.  A dragon?

OK, fine, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.  But I did do this cool freehand flower.

I'm loving these freehand tattoos!

Back to the painting.  Bunch of characters at this event.  This little girl was hoping for a turtle tattoo, but wanted it on her cheek, which I won't do, so she opted for painting rather than a turtle on an arm.

Her older sister wanted to be a Sun, of all things!

And then in addition to the butterflies I already mentioned,

I did love this smiling dog,

and this awesome cat.

And on that note, I sign off for now.

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