Monday, October 11, 2010

Glen Rock Street Fair

Last weekend, I painted at the Glen Rock street fair.  We were actually allowed to share a booth between this business and our handmade soap (etc.) business, Reef Botanicals.  It really saved us on the cost of the booth.

I let Eric and our friend Kerry deal with the soap (and line managing for me), while I handled the face painting and temporary tattoos.

Holy crow, was I swamped!  From the beginning at 11 a.m. to after the end of the fair at 4 p.m., I painted and tattooed my littl heart out.  Because of that, I only had time for one photo, a dalmation, which by her dad's request, did not include the tongue I usually do on my puppies.

My back was really sore at the end of the day, but boy was it fun!  I love being busy like that.

I did notice an interesting but very smart thing that happened.  Throughout the day, it was all about the face painting and people generally ignored the temporary tattoos.  However, starting about an hour before the fair closed, parents started encouraging their kids to get glitter tattoos because they'd have to "wash the face paint off in three hours anyway."  The tattoos, though, last a few days, potentially up to a week.  Brilliant!

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