Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Birthday Party

I was fortunate to be hired by my friend Emilie to join her in painting at a new Bergen County event this year - a 50th anniversary celebration of the Van Saun Park, which took place at the Bergen County Zoo.  Unfortunately, because of the number of kids getting painted, we couldn't get photos.

I do have photos for you, though, from a birthday party I did last weekend in central Jersey.  It was a wonderful family, and despite the fact that most of they party was outside, mom was understanding of the needs of face paint and stationed me inside, where my supplies wouldn't melt and become goopy.

I know, I know, get to the photos already!

Of course, there was the flock of butterflies, including the birthday girl.

And I was able to convince one young man to get in on the action.

Which then finally showed the older boys that I was actually pretty good at this stuff, and it wasn't just for girls.

These, in turn, gave this young lady, who was less girly-girl than the young 'uns, an idea.

And then, the fun adults got in on the act, the first to match her dress.

And the second, a request for "something Irish and small."

And everyone was happy, including me!

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