Wednesday, March 27, 2019

An Award!

For the first time in my 15 and a half years as a professional face painter, I decided to enter an international face painting competition, and it was worth it - I was awarded 3rd Place for international 2019 Face Painter of the Year!
FACE, the organization that certified me as a face painter, has a yearly conference, which took place this past weekend in Northern Ireland. Although I wasn't able to be there, since I'll be in Chicago later this month for my own 10 year wedding anniversary with Eric, I was able to enter two of the competitions via email, so I did!
The Showcase Face theme this year was Magic of Ireland.

Everything in the painting, except Giants Causeway (County Antrim), is based on photos that I took during our honeymoon in Ireland 10 years ago in Counties Wicklow, Kerry, and Cork.

That face placed me 3rd in the Showcase Face competition!
The Working Face competition had a time limit, and a Maritime theme.

While it didn't win or place, the points from the Maritime face, combined with the points I received for the Magic of Ireland face, placed me 3rd as international Face Painter of the Year too!

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