Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween Rolls Around Again!

My favorite season is back!  On Tuesday, Eric and I went to a Halloween party hosted by LEAD, at a local BBQ place.  We had a blast. 

The party was a Halloween Hoedown theme, so Eric wore his everyday clothes - Wrangler jeans & plaid shirt, Justin cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.  Yes, I met a country boy in Manhattan; don't ask me how.  Meanwhile, I wore one of my pairs of Wrangler jeans and my Abilene cowboy boots (he got to me, Eric did!), a torn t-shirt, one of my own old plaid flannel shirts, Eric's old ratty, tattered, cowboy hat, straw, pigtails and face paint... zombie cowgirl!  Because I can't get into a Halloween costume if face paint isn't involved.

And look what I got for my efforts!

Plus, I got to give the other attendees henna tattoos!  It was so much fun, and I loved going outside the box on some - like the house tattoo for the real estate agent!

Be sure to check back for more Halloween - I've got private appointments and parties!

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