Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm Certifiable!

Or rather, I'm actually certified!  And though I may be nuts, it's not quite what you think.  I am an internationally "competency certified" face painter!  I am now accredited by FACE:  The Face Painting Association.

On July 6, last Thursday, I sat for an assessment, after completing a fairly detailed written application.  The written application asked about my supplies, my hygiene and business practices, the colleagues with whom I've worked, and what I do when someone asks for a design I've never tried (wing it!)... it was pretty in-depth.  I also had to submit proof of insurance, and a photo of my kit was sent to the panel.

The practical assessment, which took place on the 6th, consisted of me face painting three faces in a timed setting, to exhibit that I've got the core skills FACE deems necessary for competency certification.  Every applicant must complete one face with a solid white base, a two- or three-color tiger, and a three(or more)-color blended bases that results in a princess, an abstract design, or a land/seascape.  FACE is adamant that its members be able to achieve airbrush-like blended and completely solid matte bases, as well as good, sharp, varied lines, distinct edges, and good color choices.

So, here are mine...

If you check out my website, you'll know that these faces aren't entirely my style, but I crossed my fingers and hoped the judges saw what they needed to see.  Then I had to wait, and if you know me, you know I am not a patient person.  It only took 8 days to find out, but I'm in!  I found out just yesterday morning, that I am member #564.

So why did I do this, and what is FACE, you ask?  Excellent question, I say!

It's an international face painting association, started in 1994 in the United Kingdom, dedicated to promoting professionalism and skill within the face and body art community for the benefit of our clients.  To that end, the competency certification is offered worldwide.

As of this writing, I'm one of only four FACE members in New Jersey, and only fourteen in the entirety of North America!

Is certification necessary for face painters?  Nope.  However, when you hire a FACE member, you know that you've got someone who's passed a stringent accreditation test, has ensured that their work meets the benchmark set by the association, and has committed to continued learning and striving to improve those skills.  You know you've got someone who maintains high levels of health and hygiene to protect the faces they paint.  You can rest assured that you've got a face painter who is insured, and uses only products which have been approved for use on face and bodies.

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  1. Congratulations Larissa! I always like working with professionals that take the time to earn credentials! It's also great to know about the health and safety requirements as many of the chemicals face painters can use aren't exactly healthy for the largest organ. Glad to know about this and the next time I need a face painter or a recommendation I will mention you! Love the palm tree face work too!! Bravo!



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