Friday, March 25, 2016

Some More Fun... and a "New" Service!

Many years ago, when I was just 14 and first allowed to get my working papers, I got a job as a sales clerk at the Paramus, NJ branch of Lewis of London, a very high-end baby furniture store.  It was so high-end that it was even mentioned in this NY Times article in 1984!

Well, once I was there, I was also recruited - and paid - to custom paint designs on lots of their items for sale.  There was a stock of my hand painted baby bottles and step stools always in the store, but people would also commission custom items like toy boxes and rocking chairs, with baby names and paintings to match the bedding sets they were buying.

So when I was asked to paint a picture frame as a baby gift, it was only reasonable that I agree!  The photographer/gifter sent me this photo to work from...

... and explained that the boy's room is Mets themed and in the Mets colors.  Well, OK, then!  So this is what I did...

She absolutely loved the photo I sent her, and will be picking it up today for the party on Saturday.  I can't wait to see what she thinks in person and hear about her friend's reaction!

Meanwhile, between this, the hand painting I did the other night with fabric paint on my own new denim jacket,

(isn't that so cool?!)... and the custom logo painting I did a while back, it has occurred to me that I need to offer this is a service!  So I am!  Now you can order custom painted gifts and decor, and I'll work with you to create anything you like, whether you want something to be matched exactly or you're looking for an artistic spinoff.

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