Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Near-Holiday Birthday

... that led to a holiday face at a birthday party.

This young man wanted to be a deer today, and was happy to roll with it when I suggested Rudolph and a red shiny nose.  I love kids who are up for some change.

That may or may not have spurred this request for a gingerbread man.

Cute, but likely not as tasty as the gingerbread animals and ornaments I baked for Christmas dinner.  Those were yum.

The birthday wasn't holiday themed, though, it was Mickey Mouse themed.  And mom & dad were really into it.  They were so fun!

A full-face Mickey is not easy.  I gave him a bow tie for a little color.

Of course, there were the standards... tigers, Elsa, a puppy (he was only one!), and a slightly out-of-season vampire.

Event the small art at this one was fun.  Seriously.  I'm usually not a huge fan of the small stuff, but when I can do a Minnie (so glad I had a little practice from doing the drawing for my friend!) and a whale and fun stuff like that, I love it.

One of my favorite people, though, at this party, is counterintuitive for me as a Giants fan.  Granted, they didn't play well this season & they're not in the playoffs, but still... a Green Bay Packers fan?  Sigh.  He was cool, though, and I had a good time painting him and talking to him.

Especially since he was going out after to watch the game.  Pretty cool!

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