Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Busy that the Sky is Falling!

I painted with a friend on Friday evening at a country club's father/daughter dance.  It was princess themed, and really fun.  The girls were in amazing dresses, some with their hair professionally done, and the club provided princess tiaras and us to do princess faces.

With just 2 painters, 3 hours, and 120 girls, there was no time for photo-taking, unfortunately.

But since I have to give you some sort of photos, I'll tell you about my play!

I'm appearing in December in the children's show Poultry in Motion, at the Studio Playhouse in Montclair.

It's a take on the classic Chicken Little, and I get to be Henny Penny!  The director has potentially chosen to do traditional stage makeup for the characters, except for Foxy Loxy, who I may get to paint.  So I worked up a sample face, based on a fox photo I found online.

Because she was the only one getting painted, the director asked me to tone it down.  So I tried this.

We'll see if he goes for it.  I hope he does!

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