Sunday, July 3, 2011

Even at my own party!

Every year, Eric and I throw a Mardi Gras in June party.  We order live crawfish from New Orleans, plus shelled crawfish for etouffee (my favorite food in the world).  I make pecan pie and we have a ton of people over for the afternoon and into the night.  This year I made a cake too.  For a full recount, look here.

This year, I was getting face painting requests, but it's not so easy to stop and do that when you're hosting.  My friend Emilie was nice enough to pull out her kit instead.

When my friend's son requested a tiger, though, Emilie insisted I'm better at it, and passed it to me.  So I did paint one face.

He was totally enamoured with it, and really became the tiger!

And Emilie was wonderful to do the rest!  She'd already worked 6 hours that day at an event!

And... what the end of a party looks like.

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