Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Last-Minute Birthday

I'd kept today free for other things, but when I got a call this morning from a former client who'd had me paint at a baptism two years ago, needing a last-minute face painter because the rain canceled the bounce house, I decided to take the party.

It was a 3rd birthday for a beautiful and decisive little girl who knew even when her mom was on the phone with me at 9 a.m. that she wanted to be a tiger.  Unwavering, when I got to the party at 2 p.m., "tiger" was still the request.  And a tiger she was.  A happy one, even.

This was a creative bunch; my next customer wanted to be a brown gorilla.  This face got a heck of a reaction.

His older brother also had his idea from the very beginning, a snake.  They all freaked out at the eyes on the eyes (my first time doing this!), and the one negative was that he couldn't see 'em in the mirror.  But his mom took photos with his eyes closed for him to have.

I also had another zombie... you know I love doing those!  He wanted lots of blood.  I think it's even better with that hairdo!

Is it me, or is that kid headed for a rock band when he hits high school?

The older girls got mostly arm art, including this heart made of hearts, by request.

But this chick told me to surprise her.  It was fun painting while she tried to guess what I was doing.  Once someone told her it was undersea, though, she figured out that the grey I'd used was a shark and she requested a jellyfish and a crab, both of which I incorporated.

She kept a straight face for the photo, but loved it otherwise!

I really am glad I had a free day and decided to go to the party.  It was such a great bunch of people.


  1. Awesome job on those faces! The snake one is really cool with how you did the eyes!

  2. Wow these are amazing! You're so talented!



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