Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Made Their Day, They Made Mine

I must admit I questioned the sanity of taking on a gig in the late afternoon on a day when I had to be on stage that night.  Yeah, yeah, this was nowhere near as crazy as taking on the Tribeca Film Festival gig the day of my opening night, but this was booked even before that.

It was so worth it.

The kids, the adults, they were all great!  There weren't that many kids, so they were actually getting their faces washed and coming back for second helpings of face paint!  Like this cutie, a natural model, who first wanted a cupcake on one cheek and an ice cream cone on the other.

But then this young man wanted a green and blue tiger.  Once the dessert fan saw that, she wanted a tiger too!  So she washed her face, and came on back.

Meanwhile, my tiger then decided he wanted to be a panda!  Off he was to wash his face, and a panda he became.

Meanwhile, the party boy - he'd received his first communion today - decided that he'd had enough of being good for one day and it was time to be a monster.

And of course, we had our requisite superhero, to save us all from said monster.

Then the bigger kids (read:  adults) got into the act too.  Mom got flowers on her arm, and some others requested shamrocks.  The best sport, though, was grandma, who let her granddaughter pick her face design, and agreed to match the kiddo, except in pink.

Yup, this was my original cupcake & ice cream girl!  I really do love it when the adults get in on the action!  I left the party with a smile on my face while they dug into their cake.

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