Monday, April 5, 2010

Go, Rangers!

OK, I'm from NJ, I know.  And I'm really a Devils fan.  But I married a Rangers fan, and since we met, he'd been talking about me painting a Rangers jersey on his all-white cat, Neptune.  Neptune, in addition to being all white, is a lump.  He's a sweetheart, snuggly, and likes to lie around.  You can mush him to bits and he doesn't care.

So we figured it'd work fine.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... we found out that Neptune is a little squirmy when being painted for any length of time.  I should've known; he will only take licking/cleaning from his sister Catimus for so long before walking away, and I imagine this felt similar.  Don't worry, I used all Snazaroo, it's perfectly safe.  Child toy safety rated, even.  And no animals - not even Neptune - were harmed in the painting of this cat or taking of the photos.

Almost none.  My dog, Meg's, feelings were hurt, but she gets like that any time I pay too much attention to one of the cats.  But that's it, I promise.  And even that was fixed; I painted her head with a NJ Devils logo (not my best work, I admit), and she just lay there the whole time, happy for the attention.

Those sharp edges are just not easy on fur!


  1. You should use It is much safer and approved for pets. Snazaroo is safe for humans, not small animals.

  2. Thanks for that info, that's terrific! Pet Paint didn't exist when I did this, but it looks like a great invention if I ever decided to paint the pets again.

    Honestly, this was a one-shot deal. It was too hard to do and I underestimated the staining. Turns out it was perfectly safe for both pets, but a royal pain for me.



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