Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Party!

I painted this evening at a christening that could've been a bar mitzvah or wedding. It was at Macaluso's in Hawthorne, and the proud parents were hosting a big crowd. The DJ kept everyone busy, but as soon as I started to set up, the kids gathered. I didn't even put my table up before they were jockeying to go first.

The hit face tonight was the puppy, just like one I did at the birthday yesterday. No one even wanted a different sort of dog - a dalmation or a shih tzu - they were all about the hound-like dog I painted initially. I had two tigers, lots of peace signs, and a couple of other faces, but the one I actually liked best was on a teenager who just asked for a really small butterfly by her eye.

I can't peg exactly why I like it so much, but it strikes me as really clean, pretty, and simple. She was absolutely in love with it, and the customer's reaction always colors my opinion of the painting too. So that must be it also.

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